Volunteer as a Committee Chair or help with Administrative, Marketing, or Legal Needs

Get Involved

Below are our current needs for volunteers! If you have an interest in any role, please email info@ct3summit.com to learn more or fill out the form below.

We would like to have co-chairs for each of our main committees: election reform, educational reform, and medical freedom.

Please let us know if you have any other specific ways you’d like to get involved and volunteer!

Elections Reform Committee Co-Chair

We have several seats open for Town Council and Mayoral positions across Summit County for the April Elections. We would love your help to stay in communication with them, let us know how we can help, and help us publicize their names as much as we can.

Educational Reform Committee Co-Chair

Eliminate unnecessary mask mandates and remote learning. Eliminate CRT in curriculum. Elect a member to the School Board.

Medical Freedom Committee Co-Chair

Create and distribute educational collateral. Invite speakers to our group to educate our group and community. Raise up the most urgent medical issues and needs in our County.

Local Business Liaison Committee Chair

Create and update the website directory of favored businesses. Help get businesses to open up.

Events Committee Chair

Organize and run fundraising events. Book speakers for monthly and quarterly events.

Membership Committee Chair

Recruit new members. Host welcome gatherings. Organize support group. Train on how to host gatherings.

Marketing Committee Chair

Social media management. Group text alerts. Create and distribute printed and digital collateral. Provide graphic design within promotions and communications. Help with newsletter content.


Vaccine Support Group Chair

Start a vaccine injury support group if that becomes a need in our county

Administrative Assistant

Keep meeting notes. Help committee chairs with administrative tasks.

Website Management

Update content and keep structure of website organized and useful for members and user experience. Help manage the new content (blog updates, event updates, monitor forum).


Provide help with payables, expenses and financial statements.


Meet with Elected Officials alongside CT3 leaders. They may have unique debating or persuading skills or even past political experience.


Do you like keeping up with news, data, reports? We can use your help for all our different initiatives, and growing a resource library.

Legal Counsel

Any lawyers in the county who would be available to help?

501(c)3 Consultant

We are applying for our 501(c)3 status as an organization.

Constitutional Education Committee Chair

We’d love to have regular meetings where our members can learn more about our constitutional freedoms.