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We are a non-partisan group in Summit County and have several events scheduled throughout the year to meet each other, learn more about our rights, and protect our freedoms. Sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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Election Day!!! Please remember to vote! Tuesday November 8th.

November 8, 2022

Tuesday November 8th – Election day. Preserving our US and individual freedoms! This is easily done by voting. This is an important day ! Please use your right as an American and vote!! Every vote does make a difference.


Did you know:

Almost a third of the amendments added to the Constitution after the Bill of Rights was ratified concern the ability to vote. The Fifteenth Amendment granted the right to vote to former slaves and people of color. The Nineteenth Amendment gave the vote to women, while the Twenty-third, Twenty-fourth, and Twenty-sixth amendments gave representation to the District of Columbia, forbid poll taxes, and lowered the voting age to 18, respectively. The passage of each of these Amendments reflected a shift towards making voting a right of all citizens, and indeed a fundamental part of citizenship.


November 8, 2022