Academic Performance

  • 2014-2022: SSD’s Dept of Education accreditation scores fell every year and reached the lowest score ever last year – they rose just slightly this year despite no improvement in test scores.
  • Two Elementary schools, the High School and Middle School are now on state mandated improvement plans – this is the most SSD schools (4) ever placed on improvement plans.
  • Last year, SSD Hispanic students rated in the bottom 2% of all students in Colorado.

Academics vs Social Justice

  • All 3 academic officers were eliminated and replaced by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) positions.
  • Eliminated advanced 8th grade science because of “equity.”

Controversial Initiatives

  • Adopted Equity Policy which divisively attributes differences in achievement to systemic racism.
  • Passed resolution to include LGBTQ+ curriculum in kindergarten through 3rd grade while ignoring hundreds of parents’ concerns and public outcry.
  • Students were told parents will not find out if they attend Elementary School LGBTQ+ club.

Irresponsible and Unethical Financial Management

  • $528K of Covid relief funds were awarded to a board member and his Theater Company for after school theater lessons – no other after school providers were given the opportunity to bid.
  • $11.8M emergency budget reserve squandered in 3 years, $3.6M gone this year alone, now at state minimum; hiring freezes and land sales being considered: Will SSD ask for more tax money?

Lack of Transparency

  • Superintendent Byrd failed to obtain the required admin license. Instead, the board eliminated this requirement, gave him a raise, a car allowance, and hired his wife. SSD now pays the Byrds over $300K annually.
  • Byrd hired a communications consultant to “own the narrative” instead of giving parents facts.

What grade would you give our School Board?

Want a pretty PDF of this you can print & hand out?



Nov 7, 2023 School Board Elections:

A Voice For Constitutional Citizens.

CT3 promotes balanced electoral representation. Currently the board is not a balanced reflection of our Liberal/Moderate/Conservative community. A district made up of 45% Hispanic students should have a Hispanic director on the board.

CT3 promotes freedom of choice. The current board forced masking on young & old school children, closed the schools, and promoted/required the COVID vaccine.

CT3 promotes educational choice & transparency. There should be at least one board member who thinks academics are just as important, if not more, as being “curious, courageous, prepared, growth-oriented and globally aware.” Enough of this 0-7 board member vote every time.


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