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Unmask Summit County School District Children


I am writing to you as a concerned parent and citizen for the children of the Summit County School District. It is time to unmask all the kids and SC PUBLIC HEALTH AGREES.

The damage being done far outweighs the minor benefit a mask may arguably have. Comfort is not a reason to continue requiring masking, it is unscientific. A child who has become accustomed to wearing a mask and claims it is ‘no big deal’ should raise a mental health red flag to all of you. The research is out there, the benefits do not outweigh the risks; this is why we are seeing mask mandates dissipate across the country.

Children have a statistically 0% chance of death and serious illness, there is no arguing this point as the data is clear. Any staff member concerned for their health has the option to wear a mask for their comfort, and get a vaccination as well as a booster. Every year flu and colds make their rounds in the school; children and staff with health issues must continue to protect themselves as they have done in the years past. Masking cannot continue forever, it is time to unmask the kids.

This community has been through enough over the last two years. It is time to let go and move forward. I beg you on behalf of our community’s most precious asset, our children, END THE MASK MANDATE.


A Concerned Summit County Citizen

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