We want what is best for the children of Summit County, Colorado.

Our precious children are forced to wear dirty, wet, bacteria filled face coverings we all know don’t stop the spread of COVID. This is child abuse. It is not “the right thing to do.”

Masks are detrimental to children in numerous ways …

  • Children who need to see lips to learn a brand new language.
  • For the young kids who use facial expressions to make sense of the world.
  • For the kids in speech therapy who have to figure out how to make new mouth movements from behind a mask.
  • For the hearing impaired who have no lip reading to gauge what is being said to them.

UNMASK the children, the population least affected by COVID.

It’s time to step back and critically examine whether the FEAR and PERCEIVED DANGER are warranted, and recognize our most vulnerable population, without a voice of its own, is paying the price.

In the meantime, we let the population go to restaurants, the rec center, shop, drink in bars, stand in line for 45 minutes at grocery stores, etc., all unmasked. There is a real irony and double standard happening, and our children are too young and inured to speak out. The mandate was lifted on January 25 for adults, tourists, businesses, yet we keep our children masked.

It is not their job to protect the adults – it is our job to protect them!

We, the undersigned, have Come to the Table to Demand our County Commissioners and the Summit County School District stop forcing our school children to wear masks in school.


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